Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless steel tanks and air separators are used mostly for commercial and industrial systems that require the highest quality materials, construction and protection from corrosion and noise. Wessels’ stainless steel is often referred to as severe service or the SS Series.

AP Severe Service Stainless Steel Air Purgers are designed for commercial and industrial systems that require internal and external protection more robust than traditional fabricated steel designs. The air purger is designed to effectively control and eliminate entrained air.

SPA Severe Service Stainless Steel Air Separators are designed for systems that require more corrosive resistance than standard carbon steel. SPA separators eliminate air quickly and efficiently from open and closed loop heating/cooling, and potable water systems. Water enters and exits through unique “tangential” connections, which promote a low velocity swirling effect in the center of the unit. Natural centrifugal forces allow the heavier air-free water to move towards the outer edges while entrained air is captured within the “eye” of the vortex and released out the top of the separator. The water then exits near the bottom of the unit, bubble free, protecting the system against the noise, corrosion, and damage commonly caused by entrained air.

Expansion Compression Tanks

Stainless Steel NA Series

SSNA Series Stainless Steel vessels:


Specialty Epoxy Lined Bladder Tanks

EPFXA Epoxy Lined Storage Tanks

EP-FXA Series epoxy lined bladder tanks are:


Hydropneumatic Bladder Tanks

SSFXA Series Stainless Steel vessels are:


Air Elimination Equipment

Stainless Steel AP Air Purgers

The AP Stainless Steel Series air purgers:

Tangential / Vortex Air Separator

The Stainless Steel SPA Series:

Tangential / Vortex Air Separator with Strainer

The Stainless Steel SPA Series: