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Employee spotlight for May 2018

May Employee Spotlight!

Lori Sinn is one of our Inside Sales Representatives.  She has been part of the Wessels Company family for almost a year and a half.  She grew up on the historic shores of Sacket Harbor, New York, near the battleground of the war of 1812.  In her free time, she can be found rooting for the Indianapolis Colts during football season and Syracuse Orange’s team during college basketball season.  Lori has a great sense of humor and her laugh can be heard all through the halls at Wessels.  She also has a positive attitude both in and out of the office

Lori fast facts:                                          

Likes: nature, hiking, swimming and playing darts

Dislikes: rudeness

Hobbies: playing darts

Nickname: Lopi

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Wessels Company congratulates winners of local award

Wessels Company congratulates winners of local award

GREENWOOD, Ind. — Wessels Company is proud to announce one of our interns has received the Central Nine Career Center Achievement Award for Welding Technology for 2018.

Every year, a student who shows great achievement in their chosen field is eligible for the award, which is designated with a plaque.

This year, James Ward, a Wessels Company employee and Central Nine Career Center student, was awarded the honor.

“James has been one of the outstanding C Nine individuals that has come to Wessels, his attendance has been great and has had no issues learning. It was no surprise from me that he won this award,” said James’ manager Bob Rust.

James has been a welder-in-training with Wessels for eight months.

“James has the skill set the demeanor and the personal drive to be very successful in life. I hope James has opportunity to share his experience at Wessels with other students and people in the community and encourage others to be a successful,” said Jason Wiley of Central Nine Career Center.

Wessels Company is lucky enough to have two recipients of the award, the 1974 winner, William Dick and the 2018 winner, James Ward.

William has been a welder with Wessels for over four years.

“William is our resident TIG expert that came to us after his retirement from another shop,” Rust said. “He has taught some of our employees how to TIG weld and is our go to guy right now for TIG welding, and special projects in the shop. He has been a huge asset to Wessels in training, and building vessels.”

“I enjoy working with both of them, and look forward to many more years,” Rust added.

Wessels Company President, James Fuller was on hand to congratulate both winners on their achievement and to thank them for their hard work.

Above: Central Nine Career Center Achievement Award winners William Dick (left) and James Ward (right) are congratulated by Wessels Company President, James Fuller (center).


Employee Spotlight for April 2018

Employee Spotlight for April 2018

Employee Spotlight for April 2018!

The newest addition to our Customer Service Department, Stephanie Crowe, joined us at the end of 2017. Stephanie enjoys working out, reading and traveling. She recently traveled to Thailand and tried some interesting foods like fried scorpion. She also enjoys sports and she will root for lots of different teams like the Colts, Packers and Bengals. An interesting fact about her is that she once worked in a turtle rescue center in Greece for 3 months.

Stephanie fast facts:
Likes: eating and traveling
Dislikes: mean people
Hobbies: working out and reading
Favorite color: turquoise
Nickname: Crowe or Yung Steph

Employee Spotlights for March 2018

Employee Spotlights for March 2018

Debbie Mathews, Wessel’s Company’s smiling face at the front desk of our Greenwood headquarters for over 10 years, is retiring and we would like to wish her all the best in her future endeavors. You may have spoke to Debbie if you’ve called our Greenwood office, so please help us say goodbye. Debbie will be pursuing her favorite hobby of investigating paranormal activity and plans to eat more Italian food, garden, read, and spend more time with her boyfriend. Thank you for 10 years of service to us and our customers, Debbie!









Gellah Gahito is Wessels Company’s new front desk receptionist. Gellah (pronounced- Jell-ah) started with Wessels in mid-March and is quickly learning the ropes. She loves Asian food, the beach, books, and traveling. She attended the University of San Jose-Recoletos in the Philippines. She used to live in the Philippines and was a model there. She says she struggled during her first year here in America but has found the country interesting and likes it here.

Gellah fast facts:
likes: the beach, books and traveling

dislikes: rude people and greasy food

hobbies: traveling, reading and photography

Wessels Launches “Next-Level” Intelligent Expansion Tank Bladder

Wessels Launches “Next-Level” Intelligent Expansion Tank Bladder

NLA datasheet

GREENWOOD, IND. – Wessels Company, a leading manufacturer of pressure vessels and specialty hydronic equipment, is bringing innovative design improvements to its popular line of expansion tanks.

WessView®, a proprietary bladder integrity monitor “bullseye” that turns red when it comes in contact with water, is now standard on all Wessels expansion tanks. The monitor allows operating engineers and service technicians to quickly and easily determine if water has breached the internal bladder.

Wessels HVAC expansion tanks also include a new, integrated pressure gauge. Users will now be able to immediately read a positive indication of pressure charge on a gauge that comes standard on every unit. Connected to the bladder water side, there will be two openings on top of the flange. One opening can be used as a standard connection to the piping system, and the other can be used as a water evacuation point. Since the bladder is pre-charged, the air cushion in the tank will “squeeze” the water out. The user can isolate the tank from the system, evacuate the water from the tank and then check the tank pre-charge pressure on the gauge.

The new design also includes a coupling on the tank, air side, to allow easy installation of the company’s patented WessGuard® smart-tank monitor. The WessGuard® monitor includes a bladder proximity sensor and audible alarm that can be paired with a cellular unit that sends text alerts to your phone. The monitor is also compatible with energy management systems.

The new Wessels expansion tank is currently shipping. To learn more details on the next level intelligent expansion tank, click here.

Employee Spotlight for February 2018

Employee Spotlight for February 2018

Meet the newest addition to our Marketing Department, Rebecca Bennett.  Rebecca has been the Marketing Coordinator for a little over 6 months.  She loves spending time with her family, watching British television shows, watching movies and singing along to her favorite songs. In her spare time, she can be found hand making jewelry and greeting cards.  She is one of the biggest Olympic fans you will ever meet, cheering for all Olympic athletes in any sport and she has a large collection of Olympic items.

Rebecca fast facts:                                                                     

Likes: British television, the Olympics, the color aqua

Dislikes: rude people, celery and grapefruit

Hobbies: making greeting cards and jewelry, learning to play the ukulele

Hidden talents: finding 4 leaf clovers

Nickname: Becca or Beck

Employee Spotlight for January 2018

Employee Spotlight for January 2018

January Employee Spotlight!

One of the smiling faces in our Engineering Department is Joshua Burton.  JT, as he is known around the office, has been a Design Engineer with Wessels for 7 years.  JT loves Skyline Chili and can be found eating it nearly every other day for lunch.  He enjoys many outdoor activities, sports and various types of music.  He can be found rooting for the Colts, IU’s basketball team and Notre Dame’s football team.  When he’s not working or rooting for his favorite sports teams, he also lifts weights, coaches travel baseball and likes to fish and go camping.

JT fast facts:  

Likes: sports, Skyline Chili 3-way, the outdoors

Dislikes: People who don’t do things for the betterment of all involved

Hobbies: lifting weights, coaching travel baseball, fishing, camping

Hidden talents: he colors very well

Nickname: JT

Employee Spotlight for December 2017

Employee Spotlight for December 2017

December Employee Spotlight

One of the smiling faces in the Marketing Department is Becky Workman.  Becky has worked at Wessels for 13 years, and has held her current position as Executive Administrative Assistant/Marketing Coordinator for 7 of those 13 years.  She not only works in the Marketing Department and helps with Administrative duties, but she also assists with the Customer Service Department when needed.  Becky and her husband, whom she met while working at Wessels, have 6 children ranging in age from 7 to 16-years-old.  She is originally from Michigan but roots for several Indianapolis teams including the Colts, Pacers and the Indianapolis baseball team, the Indians.  She says she will cheer for any Indiana college that is playing, but first and foremost she roots for Notre Dame in football and IU in basketball.  Most of her free time is spent reading and taking her kids to various extracurricular activities.


Becky fast facts:


Likes: sports and hanging out with friends

Dislikes: bad drivers

Hobbies: reading and doing things with her kids

Nickname: Bex or mom

Employee Spotlight for November 2017

Employee Spotlight for November 2017

The Director of our Inside Sales department is Cathy Buehler.  Cathy has worked at Wessels for 20 years, in three different positions.  Cathy is a grandmother to 10 grandchildren and in her spare time she can be found watching softball, baseball or any other sport her grandchildren play.  She enjoys Mexican food and her hobbies of reading, knitting and remodeling her home.  She can always be found around the office, with a smile on her face.

Cathy fast facts:

Likes: spending time with her family, the color teal

Dislikes: seafood and cruel people

Hobbies: reading, knitting and remodeling