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Employee Spotlight for December 2017

December Employee Spotlight

One of the smiling faces in the Marketing Department is Becky Workman.  Becky has worked at Wessels for 13 years, and has held her current position as Executive Administrative Assistant/Marketing Coordinator for 7 of those 13 years.  She not only works in the Marketing Department and helps with Administrative duties, but she also assists with the Customer Service Department when needed.  Becky and her husband, whom she met while working at Wessels, have 6 children ranging in age from 7 to 16-years-old.  She is originally from Michigan but roots for several Indianapolis teams including the Colts, Pacers and the Indianapolis baseball team, the Indians.  She says she will cheer for any Indiana college that is playing, but first and foremost she roots for Notre Dame in football and IU in basketball.  Most of her free time is spent reading and taking her kids to various extracurricular activities.


Becky fast facts:


Likes: sports and hanging out with friends

Dislikes: bad drivers

Hobbies: reading and doing things with her kids

Nickname: Bex or mom

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Employee Spotlight for November 2017

Employee Spotlight for November 2017

The Director of our Inside Sales department is Cathy Buehler.  Cathy has worked at Wessels for 20 years, in three different positions.  Cathy is a grandmother to 10 grandchildren and in her spare time she can be found watching softball, baseball or any other sport her grandchildren play.  She enjoys Mexican food and her hobbies of reading, knitting and remodeling her home.  She can always be found around the office, with a smile on her face.

Cathy fast facts:

Likes: spending time with her family, the color teal

Dislikes: seafood and cruel people

Hobbies: reading, knitting and remodeling

Employee Spotlight for October 2017

Employee Spotlight for October 2017

Employee Spotlight for October 2017

Tim DeGolyer is the Business Unit Manager for Wessels Filtration division. He has been in his role for 2 years. Tim likes filtration, on-time shipments and satisfied customers. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Purdue University and he has been working within the filtration industry for 15 years, in various roles. In his spare time, Tim enjoys hunting, fishing and attending his kid’s extracurricular activities. He can also be found rooting for the Purdue Boilermakers whenever they are playing.

Tim fast facts:
Likes: Purdue Boilermakers, satisfied customers, hunting and fishing.
Dislikes: late shipments, dissatisfied customers, politicized society

Tim says ” We have an exceptional team of individuals working within our filtration business unit and are eager to provide solutions that exceed your filtration needs.”

Employee Spotlight for September 2017

Employee Spotlight for September 2017

Jane Roddy is the Director of Purchasing and Custom Quotations with Wessels Company. Jane has happily been in her current position for five years and has been with the company for a total of 10 years. One of Jane’s favorite things is working here at Wessels and her favorite color is purple. When going out to eat, she loves Indian food.

Jane fast facts:
Likes:the color purple, working and Indian food
Dislikes: things that are not Wessels tanks and when people sit at green lights
Hobbies: working
Nickname: Jane, Roddy

Employee Spotlight for August 2017

Employee Spotlight for August 2017

One of the smiling faces on our team is of Leonard Bush. Leonard is one of our Custom Quotes and Inside Sales Representatives and has been with the company for nearly 8 years. His hobbies include working out, road biking, playing music and grilling. In his spare time, Leonard enjoys craft beer, traveling and sports. He is a fan of Ohio State Football and roots for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Cavs. When he was in college Leonard actually played against Lebron James in the Ohio State Basketball Championship and his team won!

Leonard fast facts:
Likes: Wessels tanks, sleep and chocolate
Dislikes: things that are not Wessels tanks, being hot and hospitals.
Hobbies: grilling, playing pool and working out
Nicknames: L.B., Len, Lenny and Bush

Wessels introduces online order tracking

Wessels introduces online order tracking

Wessels Company is introducing a new feature on our website: order tracking. Eligible customers can now track recent orders online through

If you are already a Wessels representative, all you need to do is log into “Rep Login” in the upper right of the website and enter your login information to view recent orders, quote requests and pricing documents.

If you are an eligible representative who would like to track your order, but cannot remember your login information, please e-mail us at:

Cooling Down Campus Costs with Wessels Company

Cooling Down Campus Costs with Wessels Company


CASE STUDY: Purdue University


How Wessels heat exchangers cooled energy costs at a major American University

West Lafayette, IN – Headquartered near Indianapolis, the AHRI certified plate and frame heat exchanger manufacturer Wessels Company is very familiar with Purdue University. In fact, Wessels has employed many graduates from the famous engineering school over the years, including their current engineering manager. So, when Purdue University came to the company in need of large heat exchangers to improve its campus chiller plant performance, Wessels was ready to tackle the challenge head-on.

An American Institution

Purdue University is the institute of science, technology and agriculture in West Lafayette, Indiana, that houses nearly 30,000 students and is known for its highly esteemed engineering program. This penchant for engineering excellence is evident in the design of the campus, which has over 150 buildings and is self-sufficient in all its HVAC needs. Some of those HVAC needs are met with: 12 chillers, 4 steam boilers, 2 turbine generators, and a cooling, closed water circulation loop that distributes 45°F chilled water out to the campus.

However, faced with growing demand for year-round chilled water due to campus growth and an inefficient existing system, the University embarked on a five-year plan to improve the system. To meet the new demands and save money and energy with a more efficient system, Purdue turned to Wessels Company.

Engineering Efficiency

To meet the requirements of improved chiller efficiency, Purdue University installed two of Wessels Company’s enormous WP123 plate and frame heat exchangers. These heat exchangers were installed in the free cooling mode, which means when the outside temperature is low enough, chilled water demands can be satisfied using just the heat exchanger and a cooling tower. This allows the chiller station’s expensive compressors to be shut down, which in turn leads to tremendous energy savings.

“Because of the local climate, Purdue was an excellent candidate for heat exchanger-based free cooling.” – Gary Trumpfheller, Heat Transfer Business Unit Manager at Wessels Company

Purdue was an excellent candidate for this kind of free cooling because of the year-round demand for chilled water and the local climate. Free cooling heat exchangers, also known as economizers, are now required to meet ASHRAE STANDARD 90.1 2010 Energy Standard for Buildings I-P Edition. This standard outlines areas of the country where chillers used for comfort cooling or data centers must have economizers included. It also specifies that heat exchangers must be AHRI Certified to Standard 400 for liquid to liquid heat exchangers.

Energy Savings Mean Cost Savings

The estimated annual savings for the Purdue project, and other projects of its size, are approximately $500,000. Wessels Company prides itself on being able is to provide sustainable energy saving solutions that save money and help make a greener HVAC world. In addition to plate and frame, shell and tube, and brazed plate heat exchangers, Wessels has over 100 years of manufacturing experience providing expansion tanks, filtration vessels, media pots, glycol packages, separators, and more.

For more information, visit

Reference Catalog 2016

Reference Catalog 2016

The 2016 Wessels Company Reference Catalog is here!

The Wessels product offering has increased dramatically in the last few years and we are proud to introduce several additions to our updated Reference Catalog.

The reference catalog is also more than just products. The catalog features quick sizing and selection charts that make the job of quoting product fast and accurate. Dimensions and weights are shown to obtain quick shipping rates from your preferred transport company.

Wessels is known for its competitive pricing and we look forward to continuing to offer the best prices in the industry. For accurate quotes and pricing, please contact a Wessels Company representative in your area.